Friday, 21 September 2012

My experience with Unity Editor Scripting

Once upon a time I decided I was going to extend the Unity editor in order to make the most awesomest adventure game maker of all time.  After a few weeks of struggling through Unity's extremely sparse editor extension documentation, I was able to make a barely useable turd of a tool.  At this point I decided it would be easier to make an in-game editor that could save and load level data.  Admittedly, this was pretty cool because anybody could tweak the levels while playing, but part of the exercise was to explore the editor scripting functionality, which was a great big failure.

This week, however, I discovered the Unite sessions, including intro to editor scripting and advanced editor scripting, which are a blessing for a budding editor scripter.  Working with the Unity editor used to feel like this

But after watching those videos it feels like this

So, big thanks to Shawn White, Tim Cooper and Yilmaz Kiymaz.