Monday, 27 August 2012

On libPd

What is libPd?

libPD is the same Pure Data you know and love, but without a fancy UI.

What does that mean?

That means that libPD can do everything that Pure Data does, other than build patches.  That also means that libPD can be embedded into any software, which supercharges your application with Pure Data power.  Some ideas are:
  • games
  • audio software
  • browser-based applications (ie. Chrome apps, Light Table)

That's cool, but why bother?

The most obvious reason is that audio programmers can build audio patches in a way that’s comfortable to them.  That means less time is spent learning new tools.  
It also means that all Pure Data’s resources are available to you.
Most of all, it means that you have the power (and responsibility) to subvert massively overpriced audio software by building your own software with the power of pure data.